CoPuppy, more than NFT

CoPuppy Introduction

CoPuppy is a new and safe, opportunity-and fun-filled dapp process deployed in Binance smart chain, friendly and open to developers, which makes it possible to be compatible with mainstream and innovative DeFi products. Copupy supports multiple types of original DEFI applications, it can help developers and users experience a new NFT experience. In CoPuppy, NFT is not only a collection, but also a decentralized and non-fungible application of games, loan protocol, cross-chain protocol and DEX.

CP(CoPuppy Token) is the token for Copupy platform. Burning CP can obtain the NFTs with exclusive copyright and participate in the ecological construction of the platform. CP is the only block chain platform that uses NFTs to replace the equity of token governance. Users holding CP can experience DEFI’s innovative finance, games, movies, music, video games, streaming media and a series of “Build By Puppy” to form a unique NFTs in the open network of Binance Smart Chain, and complete ecological governance.

Why choosing Binance Smart Chain(BSC)?

The gas fee for interaction on ETH-based decentralized platform continues to rise, which makes the cost of Puppy participating in its state more and more. Through BSC, we can simultaneously reduce the gas fee and increase the transaction speed. BSC, backed by the largest trading platform in digital currency and with a large number of participants, can attract fans of Puppys more quickly, so why not?

CoPuppy construction

We call the guys who are willing to participate CoPuppy as “Cool Puppy”. These unique and lovely guys will continuously improve and enrich “Puppy World” and jointly build the largest and most interesting paradise on BSC.

The unique charm of CoPuppy

Bulid NFT

In CoPuppy, we provide all of the Cool Pumpies with a variety of ways to participate. These CoPuppys can enjoy more ecological shares, more fun in the war games and get more benefits.

Genesis Mystery Box

Now there are two types of special mystery boxes being sold in Coppy store. The first type is the equity mystery box, which has 20 unique Coppy images. Tell you in confidence: if you collect the same category of Coppy, you can get more CP rewards!

The second type is the CoPuppy battleing Card mystery Box, which contains 10 different kinds of “Cool Puppies”, each dog has its own unique attributes. Come and collect your “Cool Puppies” to win the CP award in “Puppy World”!

Collecting cards

※Genesis and sharing card

Four unique Puppy models

Four different Puppy styles: fashion series, cute pet series, science series and fantasy series. You can get an extra 20% CP reward by collecting any series of cards

※Mystery box card collection

Each level has a corresponding card slot and a unique card combination.


Every puppy family member definitely needs a DEX function. We also adopted the Automated market maker (AMM) mechanism to create a special market for puppies to exchange their favorite tokens.


Puppy can earn KEY by depositing specific LP or farming on farms; You can also enter the crop pool and harvest the KEY by saving the designated Single Token.

*More features await launch

Yup, this is the first Initial Park Offering (IPO) program in the “Puppy World”. If you have large amounts of deposits, or a series of unique NFT artworks, or various digital assets, there will be a social APP that makes sure that everyone knows you are a bunny with wealth and taste. What’s more, simply showing off will generate revenue. Yes you hear me, “flaunting equals mining”.

Token Allocation

Note: NFT card battleing are based on pool rewards., the puppies need to use cards to get tokens after the tokens are allocated to the pool. Therefore, a large number of CP will be locked in the pool for a long time. Please refer to “puppy battle” for details.

More burning condition: We will provide more and more meaningful games for “Puppy World”, and all collected CP will be burned.

Introduction to Equity NFT (Genesis Card and Sharing Card)

Now”Puppy World” has four unique NFT genesis cards and four different styles of NFT sharing cards, namely: genesis cards: the four genesis cards are “Cyberpunk”, “Iron Knight”, “Phantom Ninja” and “Viking Warrior”

Sharing cards: four different series, each series contains 4 different roles

Series 1: Fashion Series

Series 2: Cute pets Series

Series 3: Science Series

Series 4: Fantasy Series

Genesis card

Puppies holding the Genesis Card NFT have the exclusive right to propose “Puppy World” governance. It is the only warrant for puppy community governance, owns basic rights and interests such as voting rights, bonus rights and supervision rights. The Genesis Card is divided into four types: cyberpunk, knight, ninja and Viking warrior.

Viking warrior

The number of genesis cards is limited. Each genesis card is unique, and users can obtain genesis cards through auction.

Sharing cards

The puppies holding the sharing card NFT have the same bonus rights as the puppies of genesis Card. Apart from the decision-making power, puppies also have basic rights such as voting rights, bonus rights and supervision rights. The sharing cards are divided into fashion series, cute pets series, science series and fantasy series.

The number of sharing cards of per card is 200, and you can obtain the corresponding sharing cards through the puppy mystery box. The mystery box will be sold in four times. Each round of mystery box per card is 50, and the price will increase by 20% in each round.

Collecting four NFT sharing cards in a series can get an extra 20% CP reward.

Fashion Series

Cute pets Series

Science Series

Fantasy Series

Battleing NFT Card-”Puppy Battle”

All the puppies in the Coppy community believe that NFTs and the game are the best way to combine. For this reason, Coppy has launched the exclusive game “puppy Battle”.

Game introduction

The Copuppy battle consists of 100 puppies of different shapes, with a total of 10 different dog categories, as follows:

Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug, St. Bernard, Corgi, Alaska, Teddy, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise

Among them, Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug and St. Bernard are the four most influential gangs in “CoPuppy World”. Puppies can choose their favorite gangs and join them to help gangs get more rewards.

The first round of the dog fight will open the above four breeds of dogs, and 20% of the dog’s ticket income will be distributed to the holders of the Genesis Card.

Battle card NFT

The user can choose four different teams at the beginning, each team has different breeds, different genders, and different combat power dogs. These dogs have different enhancements to the entire team.

The following are the detailed parameters.

Please be sure to note that if you want to participate in the card game, you must lock the corresponding number of CP in the card. The number of CP tokens required for cards of different rarities are different. For details, please refer to the data map of Puppy Battle.

We will give rewards based on the length of time the dogs have participated in the game, and all dogs that meet the conditions can get different item bonuses.

In addition, the combat power can also be improved by upgrading the dog. The number of CP required for each dog’s combat power increase depends on the rarity of the dog.

Doggo Finance

We have opened a loan service for all users who hold equity cards (Genesis Card and Sharing Card). Now you can participate in loan with the above-mentioned cards. We will continue to improve dog financing. Please continue to pay attention to us.



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